Finally, a non-k beauty item! The one and only (sold out everywhere) extremely hyped up eyeshadow palette, Too Faced Sweet Peach! WOOHOO!!!!!!!

I’ve been eyeing on this for a while and got it during the 2nd release at Downtown Vancouver Pacific Centre Sephora, it was in the beginning of January. I wanted to test it out on my eyes before giving a review.

The packaging is adorable and it’s similar to the chocolate bar palette, with that hard tin metal case. The first thing that i noticed was the smell, jeez. It did not smell like peaches at all. Ironically, it smelt more of the lozenges i used to take when i was younger (those kid’s cough tablets). It just had that medicinal scent to it, haha!



I got this palette as i’m currently obsessed with the peach/coral craze in the k-beauty world. I love poppin’ coral shades on my eyes!

However…….. as you can see, there are only 3 peachy shades. WHAAAT! How can you call it a peach palette if there’s only 3 peach shades (just peachy, candied peach, bellini)?! I expected half of it to be peach/orangey. Lol. The rest was browns, nudes, some shimmers that looked similar to those in the chocolate bar palette that i own too. (Summer yum has a burnt orange tint when blended out).

Apart from that, the pigmentation of the colours were aaaamazing. Very very smooth and buttery. Easy to blend. Stays on for 7-8 hours. WITHOUT AN EYE PRIMER! Well, considering this was 59CAD, i expected it to blend on it’s own… hehe.



Close up pics of the pans.





The shimmery shades (luscious, bellini, caramelized, peach pit) were definitely a HIT for me. They had that soft, cushion-y feel to them which made it very easy to blend out or place it on your eye lids with your finger.

The mattes and neutrals were average, you could probably find it in other eyeshadow palettes or from the drugstore. I was pretty disappointed when i found out that there were only 3 shades of coral shadows. Wished they included more shades! Like a bright orange one :P.

I would pass on this if you’re just looking for the peach shades and get individual shadow colours instead that are way cheaper (innisfree single shadows, a’pieu has a shadow palette called “for your shadow” with coral shades, that are amazing!)

Rating: 4/5

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