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On the left side are freshly swatched shades, and on the right are stains left from wiping product away.

I have been loving the Etude House Gel tints so much in both summer and winter. Unlike water tints, these do not dry my lips out or cling onto any dry flakes! They smell amazing, fruity and sweet, and it comes with a doefoot applicator.

I swatched a couple of my favourite shades, and absolutely adore OR202, it reminds me of YSL’s glossy lipstain in 48 (these tints are a tenth of YSL’s price, lol!) PK003 felt more of a cream tint instead of a gel, and it didn’t as good as the rest, but it’s still a beautiful shade. OR201 is an orangey-pink shade, so pretty and unique. RD301 is pure red that enhances your lip colour and is buildable to a more intense red.

These tints last for a good 6 hours on my lips before it’s completely gone.

I got mine on ibuybeauti for only $3. I own both Western high end and Korean tints, so I decided to do a comparison with Benefit’s famous Benetint and Chachatint. As you can see, the Etude House one stains much better and lasts a longer time. I could hardly see Benetint after wiping it away haha. I prefer to use Chachatint as a blush though.

To conclude, these tints are sooo amazing and cheap I just wanna collect em all 😀 get yours now!!!!

What are some of your favourite liptints? I love Peripera ink the velvet as well and plan to do a swatch post on it 🙂

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