Recently I went on a face shop haul as thefaceshop.ca was having a promotion, and I saw these newly introduced gel liners, only $10 Canadian each! What a steal. I also own their ink graffiti liners, but they’re $20 each which is kinda pricey for a liner.

I have been using the Marc Jacob’s hi-liner (gel based) for my waterline this summer as I couldn’t seem to find a good waterproof one, especially in this crazy summer heat. I got 01 Black to try out at first, it went on so creamy and smooth, no patching (I could go over my waterline again and again, it would just layer on nicely), and found it to be a great alternative to the Marc Jacobs liner. It does not flake throughout the day, very very waterproof and comes off easily with an oil based makeup remover.

So I got 3 others 😀 For the glitter shades, I use them as a shadow and they.do.not.budge. I was actually so surprised that It worked really well especially with the price tag!

I’ve been using them everyday for 3 weeks now, and I certainly do not regret getting them 😀

If you’re looking for a good waterline liner, try these! They have 12 different shades which I’m tempted to get them all.

Rating: 10/5 LOVE ITTTTT!!!!!!

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