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A redditor from AsianBeauty introduced me to this Japanese skincare/cosmetics website, called and I decided to get 2 Melano CCs for only $26 CAD. They are $10.90 each and shipping was $6. I chose to get 2 as it was a better deal for shipping! I think shipping prices will change for heavier items. I placed my order through the seller kenkosakas and it was shipped out on October 15. I received my packages today October 24, which means that it only took 9 days to get to Vancouver. The products were nicely wrapped and they left a cute note. Will be purchasing more Japanese products from this website as it’s really convenient and shipping is soooo fast! I can hardly find Melano products in Vancouver, and most of the time the prices are jacked up.

I’ve tried this over the span of a month, and i really love this as a vitamin c spot treatment. Do not use too much as it can cause redness – after all it contains absorbic acids! I just lightly dot it around the areas where i have scarring/hyperpigmentation, and it works really well to lighten up those spots. Overall, I would highly recommend this product and this website!

Rating: 10/10, amazing!


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