Skin Type: Combination, Oily T-zone, Dry Cheeks. Sensitive, eczema prone.

Age: 25-30 (give me some anti-aging!)

I’ve always read about how crazy good Anessa sunscreens are. I was in search of a new sunscreen and decided to give them a shot.

Two products to review today, first being the Perfect UV Sunscreen skincare BB foundation, and second Perfect UV Sunscreen Mild Milk <for sensitive skin>.

Price: $50-$58 CAD (depending on the store)

Both sunscreens come in a beautiful, leak-free screw tight top which I absolutely adore. That means better control of how much each product is used each time. 

  1. Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen skincare BB foundation, shade Natural (25ml):

Though in a smaller bottle, a little bit of BB goes a heck of a long way. Extremely liquidy, yet pigmented and high coverage. There is a slight floral scent, but goes away once applied.

Dries down to a semi-matte finish with a little glow. I find myself grabbing this more than my usual concealer + foundation combo. It covers most of my pigmentation and past scarring with two light layers.

The shade Natural is comparable to NC30 in MAC. There are two shades, Light and Natural.


  1. Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Mild Milk <for sensitive skin> (60ml):

I’ve gone through a whole bunch of sunscreens in my lifetime, from COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun, to Make Prem’s UV Fluid, but have yet to find a suitable sunscreen for my eczema prone, sensitive skin. Mineral sunscreens often feel too thick or greasy after a while. I opt for a mix of chemical and mineral when looking for a new product to try.

Then… came this amazing product. Honestly, I finally get the hype. Great for sensitive skin, no breakouts, dries down to a semi-matte touch. Layers amazing under makeup. No piling, no crazy scent, no whitecast. Water resistant. Blends beautifully.

I’ve been to the beach twice, and was exposed to 6 hours of intense sunlight. I was tanned, but did not have a single burn on my face or body. That’s how crazy powerful this product is!


These bad boys are definitely worth the hype, and I’m so glad to have found them. Worth the $$!

Curious to hear your thoughts if you’ve tried them, or any other products from Annesa!

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