My third time using this jello mask and will give it a bit of a shoutout!

Claims: A luxurious sheet mask that contains 33g of jelly-like beauty essence containing collagen (moisturizing ingredient). The rich jelly softens the stiff adult skin, leaving it firm and lustrous. A faint scent of natural herbs. Source: Google

When I saw Jelly Mask.. I didn’t think it’d be actual jelly-jello inside.

Essence: There is a ton of essence inside, way more than a usual sheet mask. The jelly is pretty thick, but spreads and sinks well into the skin.

I leave this on for about 30 minutes, even then the mask is still moist. Skin is left feeling dewy and glowy.

It does an amazing job at hydrating my skin, honestly, it feels more like a sleeping pack when I use this at night. No night cream needed after. This takes care of everything.

Definitely heavier than your regular sheet mask, I keep this for days where my skin feels like an absolute desert. I somehow feel it replenishing the moisture in, slowly.

Skin is bouncier and I feel younger. May be placebo, but hey as long as I convince myself… :p the claims are right. Softens the skin, firmer.. Extremely rich jelly. Would save it for a pamper-yourself-night!

No breakouts or any other reactions.

Eseence left in the pack that I managed to squeeze out

Fit: A great fit for me, I consider myself to have an average face size.

Scent: Can’t really make out what the scent is, sort of herbal-y (similar to Dr. Jart’s Ceramidin line)

Price: Pretty steep at 3 sheets for $15 CAD. Worth the splurge if you’re looking for a deep, nourishing face mask.

Overall, I really enjoyed this mask. It does an amazing job at keeping my skin hydrated even throughout cold, winter nights. I keep this refrigerated and it feels sooo good after a hot shower.

Would love to hear other reviews and recommendations on sheet masking!

Where to purchase: | Amazon

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2 replies on “REVIEW: Utena Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Mask – Collagen

  1. I tried the hydrating Utena mask and found it came up a tiny bit small. It also got quite messy because there was sooo much jelly.. Cringes me out a bit, but it definitely serves its purpose. I think I also have the collagen ones… excited to try!


    1. The amount of jelly in these is amazing, the most I’ve ever seen in a sheet mask. So dense, feels like a sleeping pack. Give the collagen one a try 🙂 adore it!

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