Been using this for years and finally, churning out a review!

Of all the Cosrx/Snail products I’ve tried, this essence has never failed me.

Snail mucin is said to aid human skin by hydrating, preventing aging and improving wrinkles and scars.

The packaging of this essence is lovely and extremely travel friendly. 100ml so yes, bring it on a plane (when this pandemic is over)!

Texture: Sticky, slimy, really smooth. It gets absorbed into the skin extremely quick without leaving a greasy finish.

No scent.

Works amazing for both dry and acne prone skin. Not once have I experienced a breakout from this, and has healed acne scarring amazingly. Great to use as a moisturizer in the summer, and a layer in the winter.

It also layers beautifully under makeup, healing any dry patches around my eyes and nose.

Though, not sure if there are any wrinkle-improving properties as I haven’t seen any improvement on that part.

It truly lives up to its hype. Absolutely adore this product.

Given the price of $20~, it definitely is one of the more affordable essences I’ve seen in the market.

COSRX has also released a line up of snail goodies which I’ve yet to try, but eyeing on for sure, given how well this essence has worked for me throughout the years.

If you haven’t tried the COSRX Snail Essence, you need to get your hands on it. Now. 😉

Where to buy: | JOLSE | Yesstyle |

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