Purchased the newly launched and very hyped Laneige Radian C Cream from Sephora

I have been into vitamin c products for a long time, and was curious about Laneige’s new product, which is all over their Instagram.

Price: $46 CAD, 30ml

Claims: A gentle daily moisturizer, enriched with vitamins C and E, that visibly brightens your skin in as little as three days. For skin types Normal to Dry. Powered by 8.5 percent vitamin C, this moisturizer visibly addresses dullness due to dark and ultra-fine spots (only visible under UV light). The kind-to-skin formula is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic.

(Source: Sephora.ca)

Highlighted Ingredients:

– Vitamin C Derivative: A potent, stable compound with visible brightening benefits.

– Vitamin E: Boosts the antioxidant effects of vitamin C.


Cream comes in a thick, heavy, glass screw-on jar. Screw on jars are something I’m not a fan of when it comes to moisturizers – especially for Vitamin C products as it may oxidize after multiple uses. 

THE SCENT. Wow. Extremely over powering. Smells as if the chemists of this cream poured a ton of citrus infused essential oils by accident. Very Vitamin C-vibe, but a little unnecessary in my opinion.

The cream comes with a spatula, which I definitely appreciate as I refuse to stick my fingers into a jar, whoop!

Cream has a bouncy texture, in between a jelly cream and a thick moisturizer. Spreads and absorbs easily on my skin. 

Used it on my dry cheeks, felt slightly heavy at first but the heaviness goes away about 2 minutes in.


I have used this cream for over 2 weeks now. A little goes a very long way.

I only use it at night as it’s way too heavy to be a daytime moisturizer. Vitamin C products shouldn’t be used in the day time either – use a ton of SPF instead!

My skincare routine while using this cream (I switched it up to see its effects):

  • COSRX Propolis Toner
  • COSRX Snail 96 Essence
  • Laneige Radian C Cream

I had multiple breakouts before using this cream which left a bit of scarring. 

After 2 weeks of use, I found my skin to be really moisturized, however it did not help my scarring at all (or at least the pigmentation left behind).

It is a great night cream after all! My face is usually dry in the mornings but not with this cream. As for it’s Vitamin C effects, I haven’t experienced a ton yet but perhaps I’ll need to use this more, maybe give it a month or so.

However, because of its fragrance and price tag, I probably wouldn’t repurchase once I’m done using this jar. 

Fragrance wise, please, Laneige whyyyy you gotta do this to all your products (except cream skin refiner which I love). Just why. 

No breakouts or any irritation experienced.

I would recommend a Vitamin C serum instead if you’re looking to target dark spots/pigmentation.

If you’ve tried this cream, let us know your thoughts!

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