As a die-hard fan of Anessa’s sunscreens, I had to try the new all in one pact!

This pact is a multi-tasking compact foundation which protects skin against UV rays and helps prevent makeup from fading (essentially a primer). SPF50+ PA+++.

UV Filters: Titanium Dioxide, Octinoxate, Octocrylene, Zinc Oxide (mix of chemical and mineral fliters)

The pact consists of 50% skincare ingredients including Tormentil flower, collagen, green tea to protect the skin from dryness.

There are two shades available: Light and Natural – I’ll be reviewing shade Light today!

The packaging of this product is extremely similar to a cushion foundation. Made in Japan. Non-comedogenic.

Sponge of the pact is rather thin, but a traditional pact sponge.

Shade: Light

Consistency: Smooth, light and extremely creamy.

Shade: Very light compared to their BB sunscreen – comparable to NC10-15 in MAC. Beige undertone.

Scent: A light citrus scent, nothing too overpowering



I was quite surprised at how little product was given compared to its packaging. The packaging is quite thick, which I find slightly bulky and a little unnecessary.

First swatch was creamy and smooth. It felt like Tatcha’s blurring primer. I applied it with the sponge given, and tried it with a beauty blender after. The sponge provided a fuller coverage, while the beauty blender sheered it out.

It felt extremely silky on the skin, but had the tendency to cling onto dry patches I didn’t knew existed, such as under my eyes and around my mouth, lol! It did not mix well with products I layered on after either, such as my concealer and blush – it made me look quite patchy with an uneven skintone. Powder didn’t work well with it either.

I wore it outside with a mask for about 6 hours, and when I got home I was an oily mess. The dry patches showed more (or maybe I need to exfoliate badly). I had to cleanse my face immediately.

On the bright side, no irritation or breakouts to the face!


I may have to try this product again considering how I didn’t like it the first time. Product did not sink into my skin as I hope it would and felt like I layered a ton of blurring primer on. It felt greasy throughout the day.

Overall, I don’t quite fancy this product as the shade range is a little off and it doesn’t stay put for as long as I thought. Will have to give it another shot! Meanwhile, I’ll stick to their OG sunscreens.

If you’ve tried this product, let us know your thoughts 💕

Stay safe, and be kind to one another.

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