A short review and experience with Olive Young Global. This site provides free global shipping over $60 USD.

As a first time buyer, I was surprised at some of the deals they had!

Those Wake Make tints were only $1.90 USD and expiry in 2022/2023. They smell absolutely fantastic with long lasting staying power.

I wore those tints on set and they only started to fade off after a good 6-7 hours.

Other highly raved products can be found on their site too, such as Physiogel, Illiyoon and Luna!

I have been a long time fan of Physiogel’s Facial Cream (lightweight, non greasy and moisturizes extremely well) – they had it in a set for about $34 USD.

The entire process of shopping was easy, added items to cart and checked out!

Olive Young often promotes great coupon deals, so be sure to reconfirm before payment. Coupons can be found under “Account”.

The total for my haul came to be about $102 USD.


Everything was processed really quick, my package was sent out the next day via EMS to Canada. Shipment took only about 6 days, which was superrrrr fast! Was expecting some kind of delay due to the pandemic, ha!

Now…… Customs. That’s right. I got charged with a hefty sum of $25 CAD for customs. Why. Just why. GST, PST, and CBSA Handling Fees ($9.95).

I contacted Olive Young and they confirmed that any customs were to be paid by the customers, they are not liable for any costs. They are also unwilling to mark the package as “gift” as it has caused trouble in the past.

$25 is quite a huge sum, to be frank. I was not happy. Haha!

The package came safe with a ton of bubble wrap, so that’s a plus. No samples given.

Long story short, I love their website and the products they offer. Due to customs, I’ll have to think twice before purchasing from them again.

Have you shopped from Olive Young before? Tell us more about your experience!

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